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"Always getting results for me so that I can return to my normal running routine and strength work.  Outstanding people!!"
John S.

"Andy is the man, he really knows his stuff! The knowledge he provides is key for recovery.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  Thank you Soul PT!"
Stephanie S.

"I won my golf league thanks to Soul.  Thanks Kara."
Fred E.

"I am so glad that I was referred to Soul PT, the personal attention the therapists give to each patient is exactly what I needed to get better day by day!!"
Tabitha M.

"Love the team at Soul PT. Andy, Kara, Angel and the team are top notch.  They all possess a depth of knowledge that steps outside the box of typical PT and the road to recovery."
Diane G.

“I had a fantastic experience at Soul PT. Andy is excellent, he makes sure to explain everything and provides helpful feedback. I will definitely come back in the future if I ever need further PT. Thanks!”

Lauren F.

“I came in with a major pain in the arm/biceps. Andy diagnosed this a shoulder tightness and treated it accordingly and almost immediately I began feeling better. The range of movement progressed significantly and the pain has all but subsided. Andy’s focused therapy really paid off!”

Charles L.

“I am very impressed with Andy’s knowledge and ability to identify issues and propose solutions. He can think on the fly and change care plans based on feedback in the session. He identified ways to fix my issue and provided excellent exercises to do at home. He is very positive and makes each patient his priority as he is working with them”

Lisa D.

“I was in pain—they helped me out of it. Everyone was great and gave me tools to prevent a repeat.”

Donna M.

“When I came to Soul PT, my knee was far away from being healthy. Through hard work and being pushed by the therapists, I feel great about my knee and ready to compete at the level I was before the injury. The workouts were hard and targeted the right muscles that got my knee back to where it needed to be. I had a great experience here.”

Tim T.

“Soul PT is a wonderful place to receive PT! I’ve been struggling with low back pain since my days as a college athlete and Andy was wonderful in listening to me, challenging me, and helping me overcome the pain and instability I’ve had in my low back for the past 8 years. The environment at Soul PT is wonderful and personal, I never felt rushed in or out and they were willing to answer any questions or concerns I had about my treatments. I feel much more aware of my body mechanics and experience many more pain free days now than before my treatments. I fully expect my body to keep improving as I continue to do my exercises!”

Chelsea T. 

“Came to therapy with torn shoulder and after several months of therapy and surgery I have no shoulder pain and my mobility back. Care at Soul PT was exceptional. Now I’m back to work and back to normal life.”

Ann-Marie V.

“Soul PT is a practice which offers patients state-of-the-art care. The therapists are experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and up-to-date in the latest approaches. They possess a wealth of caring and good will, and can readily explain a sound treatment plan and many techniques for getting in shape again. Their genuine caring and personalized approach was conducive to healing and made me look forward to visits. It is easy to schedule appointments and handle insurance and billing. At Soul PT you can be assured of receiving the best care offered anywhere.”

Hope B.

“Kara has been wonderfully patient and helpful. I came to Soul with a very stiff right hand due to a break and now I’m able to move it and use my hand 100%. Kara also showed me exercises I can do at home to remain strong!”

Maria E.

“My back was extremely painful for three months. My doctor recommended physical therapy. Jill suggested Soul PT. Thank you Jill. They did a very great job and I am pain free. I have no back issues. I am very pleased with the professional care I received! I am feeling great. If this occurs again, I know where to go!”

Jack R. 

“I can’t say enough good things about Soul PT. I started going there about one year ago for pre-knee surgery treatment. That’s where I met Kara and her helpers. They were a great help in getting me ready for surgery. I had my surgery and returned to Soul PT for my rehab. It went a lot easier than I anticipated. I was told knee rehab was very painful. With Kara and her girls I found it not painful at all, they were all very gentle and I had wonderful results. I was very happy as was my doctor. A few months passed and I had another problem with my hip and lower back. Again, the doctors recommended PT so I returned to Kara and the team. After a few weeks treatment, I was back to normal. This was great relief at one time I couldn’t stand for longer than one minute. Thanks to Kara and the girls it’s no longer a problem. At Soul PT I can’t say how very kind, caring, and professional they all are. One time I missed an appointment without calling and they were calling and trying to track me down to find out if I was OK. Very caring! So thank you to Kara, Soul PT, and the entire staff!”

Joanne W.

“From the first day, I knew Soul PT was a special business with dedicated employees to make people feel good and recover quickly from their injuries. Thank you all for your genuine care and exceptional treatment.”

Elias E. 

“I just want to tell you that it was a great experience at Soul Physical Therapy. They did a fantastic job with me because now after eight weeks, I was virtually pain-free. Let’s not forget the rest of your staff who jump in and assist one another—thank you!!”

Robert F. 

“Working with Kara and Soul PT has been a great experience! Kara has been very encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process and has also been so helpful in explaining what has been causing my pain and why what we’re doing can improve it. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in how I feel and the strength I’ve developed. Thanks so much for being helpful!”

Alison L.