Andy McLlarky, PT
Co-owner, Beverly Clinic Director & Physical Therapist

After sustaining a knee injury in high school, his physician recommended physical therapy as a road back to wellness. Andy had to undergo several treatments before he could return to the active lifestyle he enjoyed. As his knee function improved, he really began to see the value in physical therapy and became drawn to the field. This dream to become a physical therapist lead him to pursue a MS in Physical Therapy at Springfield College, where he was given the opportunity to work with professional athletes and train under world-renowned physical therapists. After graduating in 2008, Andy worked his way up the ladder until he got to where he is today, being the co-owner and director of his own clinic. To this day, Andy has no regrets to the path he chose as it has continued to be an extremely rewarding profession.

Andy has taken advanced training in movement assessment, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and evidence-based joint manipulation. He is passionate about staying current with ongoing research in physical therapy and strength and conditioning so that he can deliver the best results to his patients. When he's not busy being the boss, he likes to spend time with his family, work out, and listening to music. Andy is a huge fan of hazy, juicy IPAs and Boston sports, and a firm believer that a good brew and a game is great way to spend a day.


Kara Jesi, DPT

Beverly Assistant Clinic Director & Physical Therapist

Kara graduated from Northeastern University in 2012 with a BS in Rehabilitation Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Her inspiration to become a physical therapist developed from going through knee surgery and experiencing physical therapy as a high school athlete. Her experience gave her a better understanding of the benefits of physical therapy and its ability to assist in overall health and wellness, pushing her to pursue a career as a physical therapist. Kara continues to provide her patients with a comprehensive program utilizing evidence-based research and collaborating with other health professionals in order to achieve the goals established by each patient. When Kara isn't at the clinic, she's working at home by juggling her three children, Logan, Avery, and Easton. In the moments that she gets a break from the "mom life", you can catch her taking a leisure stroll around Homegoods, relaxing at the beach, or working out!


D.J. Marquis, DPT

Danvers Clinic Director & Physical Therapist

D.J. graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2018 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Choosing a career in physical therapy was easy for him with his lifelong interests of wellness, exercise, and sport performance. He has been fortunate to gain great

clinical experience in a wide variety of clinical settings; with patients of all ages and activity levels. D.J. is highly motivated and determined to provide his patients with the highest quality of care and the most current evidence-based practice guidelines. He strives to be a valuable member of the health care team and is a true believer that collaboration and cooperation of all health professionals is necessary to provide optimal care to each patient. Goldfish and a PB & J is his go-to lunch duo, fueling him up for his midday gains. When D.J. isn't in the clinic, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, golfing, and fantasizing about his future Disney trips! He is our resident Disney aficionado, so if you're looking to plan a trip he'll have plenty of tips for you to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience!

Ryan Harty, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Ryan graduated from Springfield College in 2021 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  Ryan was drawn to PT
after sustaining an ankle injury his senior year of high school.  He also had to rehab multiple stress injuries during his time as a high school football player and high school and collegiate wrestler.  Although he likes to work with a wide variety of patients he enjoys treating an athletic population.

Ryan enjoys hiking, movies and spending time with his family.  If you catch him on the weekend there is a 50-50 chance he's either enjoying a lager or a really good coffee.


Jessica Goodall, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Jess graduated from UMass Amherst in 2018 and decided to continue her education journey at Springfield College, where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2022. She first became interested in PT when she was treated for knee pain in high school. She was an avid runner and snowboarder with a lot to learn about body mechanics and strength training. Jess has clinical experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She was given the opportunity to travel to multiple states and work with a huge variety of people. Her goal is to individualize each treatment plan and make PT enjoyable for everyone. When Jess is not in the clinic, you can find her at the beach, on a mountain, or with her dog Summer!



Robert Toth III, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Robert obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from Western Connecticut State University before then obtaining his graduate degree in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University. Robert attained his desire to pursuing the field after suffering an injury of his own. Upon completing the SWC’s with his relay team for his highschool track team during his senior year, while taking down the tent after the team’s race, Robert’s thumb caught within the rod ofthe tent and he ultimately suffered gamekeeper’s. After ultimately undergoing surgery for his thumb and being subsequently casted all summer, he was finally ready to start Physical Therapy. As he kept progressing with his two great therapists along with being diligent with his home exercise program, he began to feel more and more thankful of the improvements he was making and how his function continued to progressively improve. Ultimately, after undergoing PT for 2 months, he finally was back to doing what he loved such as playing baseball and basketball without a care in the world with an experience that opened his eyes and stayed with him as he progressed through his undergraduate career. Robert is excited to join Soul PT to continue doing what he loves. He strives to continue forging enduring relationships with patients, fostering a welcoming and collaborative environment, and most importantly, continually striving to help patients get back to doing what they need to do and love! When Robert is not working with his patients, he enjoys spending time w/ his wife, family, and friends. He is a big baseball/Yankee fan and Star Wars fan. May the Force be with him!


Sydney Stoddart

Danvers Office Manager and Lead Aide

Syd graduated from Salem State University in 2018 with a BS in Exercise Science and has since been an excellent addition to our team. Their experience as a high school athlete exposed them to the wonderful world of physical therapy and inspired them to pursue a career in the field. Syd is enrolled in a message therapy program for 2023 and can't wait to get started! If they are not in the clinic or helping out with our corporate wellness program, you can usually find them biking around Salem or rummaging a local thrift shop! When they get home from a long day at work, they like to hangout with their pet tortoise, Eddy, and reflect on the day over a "veggie" hot dog and a refreshing gin and tonic!


Sofia Perez

Beverly Office Manager

Sofia joined us in August of 2022 as our front office manager in our Beverly location. She graduated from Salem State with a bachelors’ and master’s degree in English from Salem State University in 2022. Using her past experience with customer service, Sofia greets patients with a friendly smile and warm welcoming in the clinic. One of her favorite hobbies is reading, and you can always ask her for a good book recommendation. Since joining Soul, she has been improving her skills in pickleball and basketball with the help and patience of her coworkers. Because of her small size, you might not even notice her behind the desk! Make sure to pop on over to the desk and say hello, she will be eager to help you!


Randy Olivolo

Beverly Lead Aide and Soul PT Ambassador

In 2020, Randy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at Salem State University. He is currently in the PTA program at Northshore Community College. Randy enjoys being with his dog, working out, and especially going to the movies with “the boys”. He is an AMC A-List member, which means he can see up to three movies per week for a monthly payment of $25! What a steal! Randy usually spends his weekends grabbing a drink with his friends, seeing his family, and listening to a variety of music. Hopefully you get to work with Randy and see how great he is, or at least get some movie recommendations!


Ed Soul


Owner of five athletic clubs in Beverly and Cambridge, Ed Soul is an entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness.
Owning a physical therapy clinic is a natural extension of his commitment to the health of the region where he makes his home, he says.

“We work hard to offer programs in our athletic clubs to promote life-long wellness and a commitment to movement and exercise, but sometimes people need a level of care and treatment that goes beyond what can be offered in an athletic club setting, he says.

“After working with Andy the past several years and seeing the wonderful results and outstanding reviews from our members and the community, partnering with Andy for this venture was an easy decision.

“We are glad to be able to provide an affiliated physical therapy clinic and to make our facilities available to patients there as they work their way back to full mobility and wellness.”

Ed’s commitment to the community and to wellness has prompted the public to acknowledge it. For more than 10 years, his main facility has been awarded the Reader’s Choice Best Gym in Beverly, Salem and Greater North Shore area.