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Sophon Keo        

Medtronic Employee

I used to have headaches, pain, numbness and tingling down my arm.  Now no symptoms.  I also know how to self treat and to keep it from coming back.  Many Thanks!

Rezqi Wardojo

Medtronic Employee

I was scared I needed RC surgery as I could barely lift my arm prior to going through the program. Now I have full use of my arm without pain after the 6 week program.Thanks!


Why Start a Ergonomic/Wellness Program?

Our wellness program is designed to improve the health and wellness of your employees and save you money.


Having a wellness program keeps employees healthier and and makes them feel valued.  It boosts morale and employee production.

Our program is primarily geared towards decreasing musculoskeletal pain & injury in the workforce.  We have decreased injury rate and pain levels through proper assessment, manual treatment accompanied by targeted exercises improving strength and resilience to injury.

Our Wellness Program saves you Money!

In one year we saved the company we work with a ton of money (a little over 400k loss to 18k loss in a year going from 8 major MSK injuries to 0) The program has decreased the number of injuries, saving money and time spent on testing as well as paid time of work.

To set up a meeting to find out how we can help your employees and save you money call (978) 524-0333 or email andy@soulpt.com


Mark Chartier

Program Director


Over the last 4+ years Medtronic Danvers has embraced the Ergonomic Wellness Program that Soul Physical Therapy administers.  When I was the plant manager at this site, I first authorized this program based on the strong recommendation of EHS for something new and radical for workplace ergonomic and physical development for its employees.

The results have been very impressive over the years.  With each iteration of the program, we have modified it to better address the specific needs of the organization, our aging population and our workplace environment and work design.  It gets better each year, and you and your team have been proven to be incredibly responsive and accountable for results.

I would encourage any and all organizations to adapt a similar Ergo / Strength and Conditioning program for their employees in the North Shore and beyond.  The program pays  for itself in improved lifestyle, reduced pain, and reduction for workplace incidents and lost time accidents.

Case Studies

Corporate Wellness Guide (pdf) 820.4KB